Digital publication to create awareness
on the importance of heritage preservation.

Our world’s cultural heritage is threatened.
Looting, urbanization, mass tourism, armed conflict, and climate change damage and destroy irreplaceable sites where cultures emerged, languages developed, and civilizations thrived.

Miras’s mission is to further the conservation of endangered places, by creating a bridge between the unique sites that represent our heritage, and the people who want to preserve them.

It’s a digital publication prototyped on Figma, by  Doğa Can Ertürk and I. We started by our own personal experience, as two designers coming from small towns (Massa/Italy and Silifke/Turkey) enriched with nature and historical sites, we grew up aware of this situations risking our surroundings. Yet we came to notice most people are unaware of it. Nature and history are what surrounds us, past and future. Miras's inspiration derives from our lives a fight that's been going on even before we came to Earth. Yet we believe there is hope to save and rebuild.